Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adamalif collection the sequels

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15 types of Malaysia commemorative RM1 coin

23rd Feb 2012-SOLD to Miss R from Johor, Malaysia

This is all legal tender of Malaysia commemorative RM1 (1 Ringgit) coins.
1-1959 - 1969 DYMM SPB Tuanku Ismail Nasiruddin Shah coin.
2-1976 - 1980 Rancangan Malaysia Ketiga Tun Abdul Razak coin
3- 1986 35th Annual conference PATA coin
4-1986 - 1990 Rancangan Malaysia kelima coin
5-Maal hijrah coin
6-1977 Ninth Southeast Asia games
7-1971 Malaysia RM1
8-1977 20 tahun merdeka - Tuanku Abdul Rahman
9-1976 Ulang tahun ke25 KWSP
10-1982 25 tahun Merdeka
11-1977-Seratus tahun getah asli Malaysia
12-1981-1985- Rancangan Malaysia Keempat
13-1959-1979 Bank Negara Malaysia dua puluh tahun
14-1957-1987-30 tahun merdeka
15-1972 Penganugerahan taraf bandaraya Kuala Lumpur -maju dan makmur

Price:RM180 for all 15 pieces

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pre-owned CANON Prima BF-90 camera

Never tested. Sell as is condition

This camera is easy on the pocket and easy to use.

32mm f/6.2 lens
Fixed focus system
Focusing range: 1.5m to infinity
Easy-to-see, real-image Big Viewfinder
This fixed focus camera has everything you need to take memorable pictures
This fixed-focus camera has everything you need to take memorable pictures. The fully automatic metering system ensures well exposed pictures.

Preowned FUJI Cardia Hite date camera

Never tested.Sell as is condition.Good item for collection.

FUJI history
The company was founded on January 20, 1934 as Fuji Shashin Film K.K. (富士写真フィルム㈱, later translated as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.), producing several sorts of film. It was an offshoot of Dai-Nippon Celluloid K.K. (大日本セルロイド㈱), founded in 1919.The company's first CEO was Asano Shūichi (浅野修一). The plants were located in the village of Minami-Ashigara (南足柄村, now a city) in the prefecture of Kanagawa (神奈川県), at the foot of Mt. Hakone (箱根山). It is said that the name "Fuji" (富士) was chosen by Asano Shūichi because of Mt. Fuji (富士山), situated not far from Mt. Hakone, but was already registered by a third party, to which the rights were bought for ¥8,000, an important sum at the time.

The company started to produced optical glass during the early 1940s for military use. The dependent company Fuji Shashin Kōki K.K. (富士写真光機㈱, meaning "Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd.") was founded in 1944, from the assets of Enomoto Kōgaku Seiki Seisakusho (榎本光学精機製作所), but this was absorbed back into Fuji Shashin Film after 1945. Many other Fuji companies were created after the war, all of them dependent of the main Fuji Shashin Film company and eventually of the Fujifilm Group (富士フィルムグループ).

Fuji began producing cameras in 1948 with the Fujica Six. Until the late 1970s, many cameras made by Fuji were called Fujica, a contraction of Fuji and camera (cf Leica, Yashica etc.).

The company started producing digital cameras in 1988. Fujifilm was the most agile among film makers in adapting to digital imaging. Today it offers leading technology concerning smaller digital consumer cameras with high-sensitivity CCDs (see Super CCD); it also sells expensive DSLRs.

Preowned CANON Autoboy Zoom 105 camera

Never tested. Sell as is condition

The Canon Sure Shot Mega Zoom 105 (Euro: Prima Zoom 105, Jap: Autoboy Zoom 105) was a March 1991 model from Canon's very successful Sure Shot range. It was a compact 35mm film camera with autofocus and a zoom lens.


Lens: 35-105mm, f/3.5-8 with smart autofocus. (8 elements in 8 groups).

LED with Date function.

Remote control. (do not have)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preowned PENTAX ZOOM 90 camera

Never tested but collectors item.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Preowned ASAHI PENTAX AOG camera

 5th Jan 2012- SOLD to Lan from MELAKA, Malaysia

Never tested.Sell as is condition.
Good pice for display collection.

Preowned CANON AV-1 camera

Never tested.Sell as is condition. Good for display items.

The Canon AV-1 is a 35mm single-lens reflex camera with a FD lens mount, introduced by Canon Inc. in 1979. The AV-1 was very similar to the 1976 AE-1 but provided aperture priority autoexposure rather than the AE-1's shutter speed priority AE.[1] The camera is not capable of fully manual exposure.[2]

Canon's international distributors, particularly in the United States, had clamored for such a camera because competing brands offered mostly aperture-priority cameras and some preferred it.[1] The AV in the name referred to the type of autoexposure; Av (Aperture Value) is a common abbreviation for aperture priority.

When this camera appeared, a new range of FD lenses was introduced, featuring instant mounting/unmounting of the lens.[1] This was called the New FD mount and did away with the older type of mounting ring which was fitted on to the rear of the lens and was awkward to use and needed two hands, to a newer, easier system whereby the user lined up the red dot on the lens, with the red dot on the camera and simply turned the whole lens clockwise until it clicked into place.

All the other AE-1 accessories fit the AV-1.