Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pre-owned CANON Prima BF-90 camera

Never tested. Sell as is condition

This camera is easy on the pocket and easy to use.

32mm f/6.2 lens
Fixed focus system
Focusing range: 1.5m to infinity
Easy-to-see, real-image Big Viewfinder
This fixed focus camera has everything you need to take memorable pictures
This fixed-focus camera has everything you need to take memorable pictures. The fully automatic metering system ensures well exposed pictures.


Caroline Henry said...

Hi, I'm wondering can it be use? I'm interesting in buying it, but I have to make sure it can be use.

baharuddinaziz said...

hi Caroline, thks for your interest. most my camera are new olds stock or shop shelf display.Actually I'm too busy and no time to test the camera. That is why I sell it as display items. But if you found it not fit for you purpose , you can return back to me less the shipping cost


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