Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garuda Vintage watch with Ronda Swiss Movement

GARUDA watch

watch specification,
Garuda - Jet Travel 990
Manual Winding - Ronda swiss movement. 23 jewels.
20micron gold plated.
leather strap not original.
dimension 35 * 35mm
super deluxe, waterproof,swiss shockproof.tropicalized and anti-magnetic.
symbol patent S24581-M31217 GARUDA GREEN BIRD
minor wear and tear due aging
Vintage specimen for collectible item who beloved with its narative story....or relevancy HIStory of Soekarno.
asking price : RM 280

Ronda Watch Brief History

Foundation of RONDA Ltd. Lausen by Mr. William Mosset. Production of components for a wide variety of watch movements.

Start of production of ebauches or "movement blanks" under license for BRAC.

Production of the first RONDA ebauches after a long struggle with the Swiss authorities, who were protecting the so-called "watchmaking statute". Thus RONDA was the first company apart from the big existing watch groups to receive these production-rights.

New markets sprang up in Asia, leading to the creation of a subsidiary in Hong Kong as well as increasing market-activities in the USA.

In the early 1970s, the advent of quartz technology sent shockwaves through the watchmaking industry. The new quartz movements were far more accurate than the traditional mechanical watches. With its dynamic spirit, RONDA was quick to develop its first quartz movement.

During the 1980s, quartz technology conquered the global watchmaking industry. The worldwide market rose from about 50 million to 400 million in 1990. The wristwatch had become a fashion article.
Owing to unrelenting pressure on prices, production was heavily automated and partially shifted towards Asia.

Death of William Mosset.

The successful worldwide market penetration prompted RONDA to increase its production capacity in Asia. A new subsidiary was established in Thailand in 1990 for the assembly of watch movements as well as manufacturing electronic components.

RONDA celebrated its 50th anniversary with a workforce of about 1000 people on three continents. RONDA receives the ISO 9001 certification, as the first European movement manufacturer.

Inauguration of the new factory in Thailand, with a surface of approximately 8000 sqm.

RONDA launches the first quartz chronograph with BIG DATE.

Expansion of the production site in Lausen/Switzerland.

Launch of RONDA mastertech 6000 - Big Date movements 11½'''

Launch of RONDA mastertech 7000 - Big Date Day Retrograde movements 15'''

New production plant in Stabio/ Switzerland for the assembly of Swiss Made movements and Swiss Made watches on a contract basis.

Third factory in Thailand.

Launch of RONDA mastertech 8000 - Big Date Chronograph & Retrograde movements 15'''


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