Monday, April 19, 2010

Mantle clock collection - Mauthe (3 holes)

2nd July 2010-Sold to mr Smith from Singapore

This mantle clock is made in Germany.Brand name: Mauthe. Also got 3 holes which chime every quarters. The Mahogany woods is still looking very shining and looks like new even though already more than 50 years old

Mauthe brief History

Friedrich Mauthe (June 02, 1822 - February 02, 1884) started a small clock factory in Schwenningen in 1870 and by 1899 the firm was also making its own cases. The Mauthe Clock Company started as a general supplier for clockmakers tools and equipment. Mauthe accepted clocks on a barter system. As the demand for clocks grew, Mauthe started his own manufacturing enterprise in 1876. His sons Christian and Jacob joined the family enterprise in 1876. In 1886 the Mauthe factory started her own spring drawing facilities. In 1899 a case factory was added, by 1900, 1000 employees were on the payroll. In 1915 Mauthe added their own sawmill and milling shop. In 1923 the year of inflation made competition for Mauthe tough. In 1930 2000 workers produced 45,000 clocks and watches a week. By 1923, 60% German clocks exported to London were Mauthe. In 1970, Mauthe struggled for survival, and in 1975 the company was in receivership and forced to close in 1976.


Chelsea said...

This is very similar to my Granny's clock, which I believe was also a Mauthe just based on looks. I appreciate all the info you have posted, and thanx for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a similar wall Mauthe clock and the key hole does not work. Pls let me know where in Singapore I can get it fixed reasonably. Pls email me at

Thanks very much!

John Wilson said...

How much did he pay for it?

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