Monday, May 24, 2010

Old knife / dagger ? (Badik ? Lading ? or Tumbuk Lada ? or Dagger ?)

I do not know how old is this knife and whether Badik, Tumbuk Lada or lading (or just a normal knife). The metal of the knife looks aging.

BADIK is a short knife used by the Malay and it originates from Indonesia. It is characterized by its single edge blade with almost straight back and up-curving edge, and the pistol grip shape handle.

TUMBUK LADA is one of the most common type of daggers in Riau and the Peninsula, in areas where the Keris is not so popular.It has a slightly curved single edged blade, usually in plain iron but on some occasions in pamor. Some Tumbuk Lada have a ridge on a quarter of the back.

LADING is like a meat butcher’s knife with a short handle and a wide and sharp blade.
The lading however is used only for defense purposes, and not for attack.

But I do not know above weapon belong to which category. Need advise from the weapon expert.

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