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1959 One Dollar Malaya & British Borneo Bank Note

This is the 1959 One dollar Malaya & British Borneo Bank note signed by Tun Lee Hau Shik and Malaysian called it as "kapal layar"  notes due it got the fisherman's boat picture.

The size of this banknotes is about 121mm x63mm and have two type of printers
1-Thomas De La Rue
2-Waterlow & Sons Ltd
Thomas De La Rue is cheaper than Waterloo & Sons Ltd for the same grade notes due to rarity factors.
This notes got tiger head watermark

The grade of above note is lower than Good (G) but it is very priceless to me due to this is one of the first note in my collection that I collect more than 30 years ago (a bit sentimental value)

HS Lee brief info

Tun (Sir Colonel) Henry Lee Hau Shik, S.M.N., K.B.E., J.P., (Chinese: 李孝式; pinyin: Lǐ Xiào-shì); also known as H.S. Lee was born on 19 November 1900 in Hong Kong with ancestral village in Zhenlong, Gaozhou, Guangdong, China, Lee was the eldest son of Lee Kwai-lim and Kam Kwok-chun. He migrated to Malaya in 1924 to take over his family's business in tin mining. Lee was famed for playing an important role in Malaysian politics and was the founder of China Press on 1 February 1946. He died on 22 June 1988 in Malaysia.

Social Life

Lee received his education at Queen’s College in Hong Kong and completed Law and Economics at Cambridge University. He then worked briefly in Hainan, China and with the P&O Bank in Hong Kong. In 1949, together with Leong Yew Koh and Lim Chong Eu, Lee formed the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA). In 1956, Lee was selected to represent the Malayan Chinese to sign the independence treaty in London, together with the Malay rulers. On his retirement in 1959, Lee started the Development and Commercial Bank which in 1984 became Malaysia’s fifth largest bank. Two of his sons went into politics. Datuk Douglas Lee contested successfully in the 1952 KL elections and Tan Sri Dato' Alex Lee was briefly in MCA and later a deputy minister representing Gerakan.


Kementerian Pengangkutan

Tenure:1955 – 1957

Kementerian Kewangan 
Tenure:1957 – 1959

Date of birth : 19 November 1900
Place od birth: Hong Kong
Deceased: 1988 in Malaysia
Political party: MCA

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