Monday, July 12, 2010

Medal General Service Award / Pingat Perkhidmatan Am (P.P.A)

Pingat Perkhidmatan Am (P.P.A.)

(General Service Medal)

The Pingat Perkhidmatan Am is conferred on permanent staff of the Federal Armed Forces and the Uniformed Services in recognition and appreciation of their long service and good conduct.

The badge of the award is made of silver. It is round and has a radius of 1 3/8 inches. The Federal Crest is inscribed on its surface while at the back is an inscription of the words ‘KERANA PERKHIDMATAN AM’. The badge is encircled by laurel leaves (palas design) and suspends from a ribbon which has a red background with a yellow stripe in the centre. On both sides of the yellow stripe are black and white stripes. The conditions for eligibility for the Pingat Khidmat Berbakti are contained in the regulations set by the Ministry of Defence. The award was instituted on 29 July 1960 and gazetted on 11 August 1960.

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