Thursday, October 28, 2010

1935 Straits Settlements One Dollar Note

Straits Settlements 1 Dollar 1935 VG RARE Banknote
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The Government of The Straits Settlements was first authorized to issued currency notes by Ordinance VIII of 1897 which came into operation on August 31 1898.

Some of the details are as follows:
the printer is Bradbury Wilkinson & Co
there are few dates for this one dollars viz: 1/1/1931 (Signature by Luis Shelley); 1/1/1932(Signature by Luis Shelley); 1/1/1933(Signature by Rex Curral); this note1/1/1934(signed by Rex Curral) and 1/1/1935( signature by Rex Curral)
all these one dollar notes have the same size 125mmx64mm

On the front of this note, we have:
” THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STRAITS SETTLEMENTS/Promise to pay the bearer on demand/ONE DOLLAR/at Singapore Local Currency for value received”

Date of issue, and signature of the Currency Commissioners. The value appears on the left in Chinese and on the right in Jawi

On the back:
In the centre: a tiger surrounded by a wreath

The color of this bank note is black print on white paper.

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I have one of these notes as well as a lot more old foreign notes and coins and I just want to know how much it is worth.
Would anyone e-mail me with information

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