Thursday, October 14, 2010


I never tested whether this camera is working or not. Great for display items.

Takes 2 x AA batteries. For type 87 film. Socket for push in flash bulb. Wrist strap.

"Polaroid EE (and similar) Cameras"

Polaroid cameras using the patented process of Dr Edwin Land, were the first commercially successful instant picture cameras which were easy to use, and were not in need of bottles of chemicals, etc.
The idea of in-camera developmental is not new: there are records of ideas for instant cameras from the first year of photography. In 1857, Bolls and Smith of Cooperstown, New York patented the first instant camera which actually went into production.
Jules Bourdin of France invented a simple system which was successfully marketed as early as 1864. Many other attempts met with mediocre success, but Polaroid caught on and became a household word. Because of the success of the company, their cameras generally are quite common, and obviously none are very old.


Anonymous said...

hello there, nice camera you got there.
But the film's not that easy to look for and they're limited.
Maybe a lower price?

baharuddinaziz said...

Thks for visiting.the price is negotiable. Please contact me thru email or SMS.

anis farhani said...

Is this camera still available?

baharuddinaziz said...

yes, still available

Anonymous said...

do you know where to find the type 87 film? i have the zip-polaroid , not sure how to use it. thanks

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