Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preowned PENTAX PC - 550 camera

Never tested
Sell "as is condition"

PC - 550 description
Within its sleek, silver-colored body, this camera offers a high-precision autofocus system, built-in quality 28mm lens, auto flash with "red-eye" reduction and a large, bright viewfinder. Its ease of operation makes the PC-550 simple for anyone to take terrific photographs both indoors and outdoors.Large image area of the bright viewfinder not only makes it easy for the user to see subjects clearly, but it also gives a sharp image without having to move the viewfinder close to the eye. Built-in 28mm lens, made of high-quality optical glass, offers outstanding images in a wide variety of situations. Group shots and landscapes can be shot with incredible clarity. High-precision autofocus system automatically adjusts the focus. This allows the photographer to concentrate on the subject without worrying about troublesome adjustments. The PC-550 makes film handling a breeze. It loads the film, sets the ISO film speed (with DX coded film), advances to the next frame after each exposure and rewinds at the end of a roll with the slide of the rewind lever. To conserve batteries, the PC-550 shuts the power off automatically when the camera is not used for more than five minutes. Built-in flash automatically discharges under poor lighting conditions. Its red-eye reduction feature reduces the risk of annoying red spots in the subject's eyes.

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