Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage Asahi PENTAX ME camera

Never tested.Sell as is condition.Good piece for your display or collection.

Asahi, Pentax ME, Automatic 35mm SLR

The Pentax ME arrived in 1976, whilst superficially similar o the K series Pentaxes, it is a complete redesign. Physically smaller in all dimensions, it does, however, use the same K mount. The ME is fully automatic, aperture priority, no speed dial is fitted, but the resulting speed is displayed in the viewfinder, fully automatic between 8sec and 1000th. Focus is achieved on a lovely mix of mainly ground screen, a small centre circular split field with fresnal surround. The shutter itself is no longer the horizontal cloth blind of the K series, but a vertical running metal blind, with flash synchronization set at 100th sec. Although the same K mount was used, the lenses themselves were new designs, also of reduced dimensions. Though the earlier K mount lenses will still work with the ME. All told the ME is a typically well built camera that sits very nicely in the hand. The design was later enhanced in 1980 to become the popular ME-Super with varied shutter speeds and the option of manual operation.

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