Saturday, October 9, 2010

Used Olympus superzoom70 Panorama camera

The Superzoom series (US: Accura) are all AF P&S Zoom cameras with built-in flash and automatic film transport. Some of them are almost as small and light as the Mju Zoom cameras, others, like the Superzoom 120, are larger and heavier. Their looks are more robust and less elegant design. They are cheaper than the corresponding Mju Zoom models.

Remarkable models were the Superzoom 120 which had a built in 4 fps. Motor Drive, and the Superzoom Wide which had a 28-80mm/F4.5-7.8 lens. Both are now discontinued.
The various zoom lensed used are: [70:] 38-70mm/F4.5-7.8, [80:] 28-80mm/F4.5-7.8, [110:] 38-110mm/F3.8-8.1, [120:] 35-120mm/F4.5-8.7, [105:] 38-105mm/F4.5-8.9, [800:] 38-80mm/F4.5-8.9, [700:] 38-70 mm F5.6-9.6, [115:] 38-115mm/F3.9-10.8, [140:] 38-140mm/F4-11, [130:] 38-130mm/F4-10.3.

This camera never tested whether works or not.

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