Saturday, June 12, 2010

1889 British North Borneo Vintage 1 cent Coin

British North Borneo Coin

This lot consist of 2 vintage / antique coins.

Both coin from year 1889 "one cent" British North Borneo Company.

Condition: pls refer to picture
Price:RM100 for both coins.

Brief History Of British North Borneo Coinage(1877-1941)

In 1877-78, the Sultan of Brunei & Sulu who are the overlords of large areas of the Island Of Borneo transferred all their rights in the areas now known as Sabah to Alfred Dent, an English adventurer and is partner, Baron Overback.

Alfred and Baron plus other prominent men form the British North Borneo Company. A Royal Charter was granted to it by Queen Victoria on 7 October 1881. Despite political protests by the Dutch and the Spanish, the British North Borneo Company took over all the trading and territorial rights.

On 17 May 1888, British North Borneo became a British Protectorate, the administration was carried on by the British North Borneo Compan. On 15 July 1946, it became a Crown Colony of Great Britain and the sovereign rights and assets of the British North Borneo Company were transferred to the British Crown. The Island of Labuan was incorporated with British North Borneo.

The coins were minted by Heaton & Sons, Birmingham at intervals from 1882-1941 bearing the H mint mark.

The coinage of the Straits Settlements & the subsequent Malaya and British Borneo were circulated freely in British North Borneo. British North Borneo also had a few of its own bank notes issued.

With the formation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963, British North Borneo was incorporated as on of the States Of Malaysia and its name being changed to Sabah.

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