Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage / Antique YALE Y&T Padlock

Vintage / Antique YALE Y&T Padlock

This vintage YALE padlock come with the original key and in good working condition.
Made by Yale and Towne Mfg.Co.

Price: RM380

History Y&T
Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company was established in 1868 by Linus Yale and Henry Towne in Stamford, Connecticut. Linus Yale was the inventor of the tumbler lock. He died in New York on December 24, 1868, never knowing that his company would become the leading manufacturer of locks in the world. Henry Towne expanded the company from locks to materials handling in 1875. Yale & Towne Manufacturing was the leading employer in the Stamford, Connecticut, area.

The History of Locks
By Mary Bellis
The oldest known lock was found by archeologists in the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh. The lock was estimated to be 4,000 years old. It was a forerunner to a pin tumbler type of lock, and a common Egyptian lock for the time. This lock worked using a large wooden bolt to secure a door, which had a slot with several holes in its upper surface. The holes were filled with wooden pegs that prevented the bolt from being opened.

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