Saturday, June 26, 2010

EXTRA DOTS 1982 5 Sen (UNC) Malaysia

Sold to Mr Azman from Selangor, Malaysia (Jan05;2011)
EXTRA DOTS 1982 5 Sen (UNC) Malaysia

I consider this rare coin as "UNC" because it is come directly from friend's grandpa aging piggi bank. The condition of the coin is perfect and shine likes new, it seems that the coin is directly come the the issuing bank and put into the piggy bank since new.
This is the unusual & scarce 5Sen coin dated 1982 with the Extra Dot .
Actually, there seems to be 2 dots on this coin - 1 big dot on the Parliament House & a slightly smaller one under the stars.

Price : RM180


baharuddinaziz said...

reserved for Azman from Shah Alam, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

saya ada satu
picture dalam profile FB: C-dek Muzzammil

Jason said...

Sesiapa ada ataupun terjumpa duit sylling ni
Sila hubungi saya no. telephone 0134456777
Kami agar minat membeli

Sekian terima kasih

fouzulm said...

salam. saya ada 2 keping syiling 5 sen sama seperti dlm gambar di atas... kalau berminat call saya 0197581994(fouzul)

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