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Vintage Ronson Lighter 1 - Made in England

Vintage Ronson Lighter 1 - Made in England

This lighter still in good condition only got signed of aging. But I do not tested whether it is working or not.

Ronson brief info
Ronson Consumer Products Corporation was formerly based in Somerset, New Jersey, USA. It was a producer of lighters and lighter accessories once known for its stylish and dependable cigarette lighter line, and the advertising slogan, "You're a winner - with a Ronson!"

The Ronson brand is now owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, Bradford, PA.

Art Metal Works
Louis V. Aronson, Circa 1915The Ronson lighter company started as The Art Metal Works in 1886 by Louis V. Aronson, a gifted man who at 16 years old received a U.S. patent for a commercially valuable metal plating process he developed. Retaining its rights, he sold the patent and used its proceeds to open the Art Metal Works in New York City. The following year he moved his factory to Newark, New Jersey. Soon the company was producing a variety of high quality lamps, book ends, statues and other decorative items, prized today for their detail in the collector marketplace.
Aronson had established himself as a safety match development pioneer with his inventions of non-toxic and all weather matches in the 1890's. When in time, technological advances were developed to allow for the manufacture of a safe Flint material in 1906, Aronson's realization of an automatic pocket lighter became possible.
Under the leadership of Louis Aronson, the Art Metal Works designed and patented several generations of igniting-apparatus until finally arriving at the now famous Banjo Lighter. Ronson received a exclusive patent, in 1926, for a new automatic style of lighter that worked with one hand and Ronson marketed it under the slogan A flip - and it's lit! Release - and it's out!
Ronson's new lighters were an overnight success worldwide and soon the company would offer a variety of impressive lighters for all tastes!

Ronson Lighter Company
The Art Metal Works 1930'sIn 1913 Louis Aronson applied for a patent for a Liter (lighter), which was approved, along with others in years to come. In 1926 he released a new "automatic operation" Banjo lighter, which offered both ignition and extinguishment in a single push. It was a great success, demand shortly exceeding supply, spurring Aronson to patent it and design other products around the invention, which were marketed under the Ronson brand name.
1937 Touch-Tip Lighter, tall case with WatchAs with the Art Metal Works output, many well-built and stylish early Ronson lighters demand high prices in the collectibles marketplace.
During World War II, Ronson plants were switched to 24-hour ammunition production. In an ironic turn, even though Zippo lighters were available to U.S. GIs,American made Sherman tanks were nicknamed "Ronsons" by German tank crews for their propensity to catch fire when hit by German tank shells.

Ronson Consumer Products Corporation
Postwar, Ronson turned to producing lighters, then branched out into domestic goods such as electric shavers and cooking appliances. The company expanded to include England and Australia.
In the early 1980s high costs and the advent of cheap disposable lighters forced closure of its production facility at Leatherhead in England. For a time, a European branch at Long Buckby in Northamptonshire in the UK sold a range of stylish and expensive butane lighters consistent with the firm's great legacy, before being shuttered.
Ronson appliances in Australia, eventually sold by a corporate entity divorced from the original lighter manufacturer, have also gone under.

In February 2010, Zippo acquired certain assets of Ronson (lighters and lighter fluid products) in the U.S. and Canada. As a Zippo brand, Ronson is based at Zippo headquarters in Bradford, PA.  The acquisition did not include the Ronson Aviation subsidiary.
Today Ronson remains a strong brand in the U.S. and Canada. Ronson pocket lighters are available in both disposable and refillable versions. Several models of multi-purpose lighters and a touch-utility lighter are also marketed. Ronsonal lighter fluid and Multi-fill butane fuel have a sizable market share in North American markets.
The Ronson brand is sold in the U.K. by a separate company.

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