Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 sets of "Tepak Sireh" ( 1 high type and 1 low type )

Both the 'Tepak Sireh' and the 'Gobek' are timeless items prominently used during traditional Malay ceremonies and functions, engagements, weddings and cultural events among others.

The 'Gobek' – a unique cylindrical areca nut-pounder widely used and displayed in Malay homes.

The 'Gobek' is an important element of the 'Tepak Sireh', a tray comprising an array of items such as: betel leaves, gambier, lime and areca nut. Visitors to traditional Malay homes are warmly welcomed and often served with the 'Tepak Sireh' which holds the 'Gobek'. Both host and guests will fill up the 'Gobek' with these items and pound them finely before consuming.

The 'Gobek' has long been regarded as an indispensable tool in welcoming and entertaining visitors to traditional Malay homes. It reflects closeness and friendliness between the host and guests, and exudes a warm ambience.

These 2 sets consist of 1 hi-type (quite rare species) and 1 low-type.
Price:RM280 fo both sets.

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