Saturday, August 14, 2010

China old Coin???

Since I can't read Chinese character, I do not know the history of this coin. Need your help to give some comments regarding this coin. Like from which country , year mintage and value of the coin.


bell xun said...

you have a very rare coin there, i think :P. The Chinese words on the top says taiwanese. The words on the bottom says sumthing like Comemorate Independance. Can I buy it from you? may i know how much did u get it for?


baharuddinaziz said...

Hi Bell, Thks for the info. Frankly speaking I do not understand the meaning of words on the coin. I also do not know the values of this coin.

This coin is inherit from my ancestors.I willing to sell this coin if the price is right.

Thks for visitiong my blog and for the valuable comment Bell. Please visit my blog again.

Hunter said...

can i know how much u want to sell for this coin??

baharuddinaziz said...


Anonymous said...

How much this coin price?
Pm me at

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