Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Australian 1985 One Dollar coin

An Australian 1985 One Dollar coin

Condition:refer to picture
Australian 1 dollar coin

1 Dollar piece (Australia)

Value: 1.00 AUD

Mass: 9.00 g

Diameter: 25.00 mm

Thickness: 3.00 mm

Edge: interrupted milled 0.25 mm

Composition: 92%Copper, 6%Aluminium, 2%Nickel

Years of minting: 1984–present


Design: Queen Elizabeth II, Australia's Queen

Designer: Raphael Maklouf

Design date: 1984


Design: 5 Kangaroos

Designer: Stuart Devlin

Design date: 1983

The Australian 1 dollar coin was first issued in 1984 to replace the 1 dollar note then in circulation, this coin seems to be the most circulated denomination in Australia. All three portraits of the Queen have been minted, the 1984 head of Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin; between 1985 and 1998 the head by Raphael Maklouf; and since 1999 the head by Ian Rank-Broadley. Inscription of AUSTRALIA on the right hand side and ELIZABETH II on the left hand side.

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