Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage "Tepak Sireh" Complete set

23rd Sept 2010-Sold to Cikgu Ayob from Sabah, Malaysia

This vintage "Tepak sireh" is very nice for your collection or display item. It is made from brass and consist of 1 set of "Tepak Sireh", 1 piece of "gobek sireh" and 1 piece of "kacip Penang".

Price:RM280 for all

'Tepak Sireh' is a brass container where you can place and keep betel leaves, betelnut, clove, cardamom, catechuu, tobacco and paan and also the betelnut cutter.

Betel chewing is a tradition which dates back thousands of years. The bitter poultice is an acquired taste, and, although it is not clear why the people of the Pacific originally began to chew betelnut, the habit has been passed down through the generations and now provides a cultural link to their past.


baharuddinaziz said...

Booked by Cikgu Yob from Sabah

baharuddinaziz said...

Cikgu, I will ship the goods by this Sunday the latest.
Please comment my blog after you received the goods


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